Real estate support service

The Law Office, Santos & Pereira, Matosinhos, Porto provides legal assistance in procedures related to the real estate market, from purchase and sale, lease, lending, condominiums, contract works, local accommodation and its licensing, all depending on the needs of clients. individuals or companies.

The legal services of the Law Firm, Santos & Pereira, located in Matosinhos, Porto, facilitate the client and his business, namely in acts such as the purchase and sale of a property, the conclusion of a lease or lending contract, or the granting and elaboration of a works contract for rehabilitation.

Our lawyers are able to represent the most demanding and sophisticated clients, in a broad and diversified set of matters, namely tax regime and relations with banking and financial entities.


  • All support in matters of purchase and sales;
  • All support in terms of leasing and lending;
  • All support in terms of Contracts and rehabilitation and consulting services (architecture, engineering and supervision);
  • Elaboration of licensing requests for real estate, housing and tourism projects;
  • Advice on real estate development projects;
  • The most varied within the scope of Horizontal Property / Condominiums;
  • Miscellaneous notarial acts;
  • Tax and real estate investment advice;
  • Negotiation with banking and financial entities;
  • Representation with public entities;
  • Legal support to real estate companies, funds and investment and real estate management companies, among others;
  • Legal support in acquisition and sale operations of companies, corporate restructuring, involving mergers, acquisitions, negotiations and contracts;
  • Legal support in tourism investment in hotels, tourist villages, tourist apartments, tourist complexes, nature tourism developments, golf courses, spas and marinas;
  • Global legal support in the implementation of real estate and tourism projects, including aspects of planning and licensing, both urban and tourist.

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